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Collaboration is the Key

Legacy 3 Consulting (L3C) helps you achieve Healthcare’s Triple Aim through collaboration within your organization. L3C brings these capabilities to your team: 

Our services

Clients hire us to achieve their goals. Our advice is based on a foundation of best practices and our skills to adjust for your situation. This is how we help our clients:

Strategic Healthcare Consulting Services

L3C consultants have deep healthcare expertise that can help form and execute a winning strategy for your organization.

Actuarial Services

We provides a comprehensive package of health care actuarial services to meet your needs.


Legacy 3 Consulting: discover our story

The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances, and demonstrations for impressions”

John Ruskin (motto of the Society of Actuaries)

L3C lives by this motto. Many consultants are about repackaging old ideas, making themselves indispensable and running up bills. L3C relies on facts and demonstrations, communicates them clearly, and uses them to support the best business decisions. Clean, simple and professional.

 In the course of our work with you, we will

  • Keep our promises,
  • Work diligently and efficiently on our assignments, and
  • Protect our clients’ best interests.

This is true partnership!

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Experience you can trust and service you can count on. Legacy 3 Consulting – your partners in your business!

    Why choose Legacy 3 Consulting

    Rich Experience

    L3C has a thorough understanding of best practices based on work experience with sophisticated market leaders.

    Actuarial Expertise

    L3C has deep knowledge of cutting edge actuarial methodologies

    Collaborative Approach

    L3C knows how to work well with others, listen to their perspectives and incorporate feedback into solutions.

    Client Focus

    L3C’s top priority is meeting client objectives while continually exceeding expectations.

    Multidimensional Perspective

    L3C has worked extensively with hospitals, physicians, insurers, plans, employers and self-insured trusts.

    Reasonable Fees

    L3C offers competitive fees and creative compensation arrangements aligned with our clients' goals.

    Legacy 3 Consulting has given my business a new road map to success. Working with Tom has been a positive experience. He has helped turn my business around

    Case Studies

    Working with you for success

    Thomas Donlon


    My passion is to help my healthcare industry clients enhance the health of their populations, improve the individual’s healthcare experience and reduce the cost of care. L3C was founded to identify and implement sustainable, aligned and affordable solutions for achieving these aims.

    Case Studies

    Designing an accountable care organization’s reporting system that measures performance and identifies opportunities for improvement.
    Helping a hospital network evaluate their return on investment associated with accountable care organization arrangements.
    Facilitating a successful joint venture between two health insurance companies with the objective of launching a nationwide health insurance product."
    Providing design, rate setting and risk management strategies for a nationwide healthcare self-funded trust
    Assisting a hospital network in the developing a payer negotiation strategy consistent with their organizational and financial objectives.

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